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Sound Clips


“The Coquette” (1921) by Jessie L. Deppen  Arr. by J.S. Zamecnik

“Whims” (1926) by Domenico Savino

“Romance” (1921) by Maurice Baron

“Lace and Ruffles” (1924) by Victor L. Schertzinger

“Mysterioso” (1916) by M. L. Lake

 “Laughing Beauties” (1920) by Irénée Bergé

“Mood Pensive” (1918) by Eva Applefield Arr. by J.S. Zamecnik

“A Pathetic Story” (Une histore triste) (1922) by Gaston Borch

“Admiration” (1916) by Ralph C. Jackson

 “Spooks” (1924) by George L. Cobb

“Cinderella” An Intermezzo (1918) by William Loriane

“Comic Hurry” (1918) by Christopher O’Hare

“Snookums Rag” (1918) by Charles L. Johnson

 “Dramatic Suspense” (1919) by Max Winkler

“Mysterioso No.1” (1923) by Ernö Rapée and William Axt